Founded on the idea that memories
are made to last and it is important
to cherish the time you have with
the people you love.

We invite you to discover our
jewelry collections “Full of Love”.
Visit our website and our
story will unfold.

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Memorial jewelry

My Soul,
a cremation jewelry
collection where our My
Soul needs to be filled
with precious ash content.
The ashes can be placed
directly in the jewel by
our dealers.

My Soul Collection

Memorial jewelry

My Hope,
a collection where our
charms tell your own story.
Our My Soul ash carrier
with a space to store your
Loved One’s ashes can be
placed between the
necklaces and bracelets
of My Hope.

My Hope Collection

Memorial jewelry

My Love,
a collection where every
stone was hand selected
for its brilliance.
A My Soul
ash carrier can be
added to this collection,
jewelry with precious

My Love Collection

Memorial jewelry

My Note,
a collection where a
personal message can
be engraved on the jewelry.
A jewel that not only
carries ashes but can also be
personalized by adding a
name, date or

My Note Collection

Memorial jewelry

My Room,
cremation jewelry
so you can take the ashes
of someone you love with
you wherever you go.
Our jewelry
can be worn to help you
through the grief of
your loss.

My Room Collection

Memorial jewelry

My Mark,
jewelry with personal
engravings and
individual prints.
A precious fingerprint
on one side and a date,
an initial, a name, or words
that count on the
other side of
your jewel.

My Mark Collection

Memorial jewelry

My Star,
cremation jewelry
with a separate ash
Our separate ash
chamber can be filled
with ashes or hair in
memory of the deceased
and is then placed in your

My Star Collection

Memorial jewelry

If you want to offer
commemorative jewelry as a
service, please contact us
to see how we can help you
offer the finest memorial
jewelry to your customers.

Kim Maessen
0032 478 84 11 17